There will be no September lecture. The Willington Public Library will be conducting their month-long book sale. Come in and browse. You're sure to find a book that will interest you and your purchase will help support the library.


Saturday October 5, 2019

How to Write Press Releases

Learn all about press releases from Joseph Mehan, former director of the nonprofit CT Guild of Craftsmen and editor of The Craft Digest, a monthly newsletter magazine with show listings and articles about crafts people.

Joe continues to write press releases for various nonprofits in Connecticut and will share his knowledge and experience with you in this class setting.

Bring paper and pen and be prepared to take notes. This class is appropriate for anyone who owns a business, sells a product, has a hobby, or is an author and needs to promote their product or upcoming events.


Saturday November 16, 2019

Increase Your Amazon Visibility

Many self-published authors sell most of their books at libraries, craft fairs, farmers markets, and other local events, often expending valuable time and their own money in the process.

What if it could be proven that you can increase your book sales without even leaving the comfort of your own home? There are hidden opportunities that will yield increased online sales by modifying your book's Amazon pages.

Best selling and award winning local author, Felix F. Giordano will show you how to increase the visibility of your book on Amazon by using a proven methodology that is available to everyone. He will provide a sample of actual results that show what prospective readers are searching for.

Felix F. Giordano is the author of the Jim Buchanan Novels with book sales in excess of 6,000 of which more than 90% are Amazon online purchases. He has also generated additional online royalties from more than 2.5 million pages read by Amazon customers who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.


Saturday December 21, 2019


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